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Image Prep for Web

• web us in •

Who wants to spend time fussing over numerous images in preparation for a web image gallery or website? GENIES DOES! GENIE DOES! We will optimize your images for the highest quality and fastest loading time, size and crop, colour correct, sharpen, and save specifically for the growing world of web. And to lighten your load yet another notch, we also create rollover graphics and animated slideshows.

Focus on Design

• let the creative force be with you •

Our Genies' fountain of talents don't run dry with colour. We have more pixel twisters in the the back room, awaiting your design challenges. We're ready to pounce on your next design project — large or small — a bit of help or we'll do it all. Making you look good is what we're all about!

Photo Restoration

• turning back time •

Age and environment can be cruel to your photos. Photoshop is the Genies' playground and we love nothing better than reversing the effects of time on your cherished memories! Our genies revel in the restoration of photos that are torn, scratched, weathered and at one time deemed completely hopeless.

Close Cutting

• a disappearing act •

The sometimes tedious job of close cutting can consume valuable time in your busy schedule — time that might be better spent on other important details. Our Genies have mastered the art of close cutting, whether it's bicycle spokes, furry friends or a box of chocolates. We'll take care of it so you can focus on the other details of your project.

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