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Genie-ology    The Genies’ Bio

We prefer not to rattle our own bottle, but for over 20 years, the genies have been on a digital graphics and colour adventure. We are producing spectacular results in both print and digital media.

Our skills in assessing, colour correcting and manipulating digital images are unparalleled.

Genie-isms    The Genies’ Tool Kit

These genies insist on being up-to-date — on a perpetual technological research spree!

We have all the latest equipment and software to ensure we can handle all your graphics needs!
(Photoshop InDesign Illustrator Acrobat Lightroom)

Our monitors are checked and calibrated regularly to ensure accurate representation.

We have the latest file transfer technology to enable your jobs to come and go with the utmost speed and efficiency....oh those flying pixels.

From FTP to DVD or CD, we make images move and can move images!